Pregnancy yoga mum and baby yoga active birth
 ​Pregnancy from 14 weeks
  • Deep breathing, active postures, labour and birth positions and birth muscle toning are a main focus of my classes.

  • Using the breath you will learn how to control the pelvic floor muscles, preparing them to assist in pushing baby into your arms.  

  • No previous yoga experience is necessary I encourage you to work at your pace listening to your body and its needs. 

  • My goal is to help you have a healthier pregnancy and gain your confidence for labour and motherhood.

  • Attend from 14 weeks.


Private Sessions
Can be arranged for pregnancy yoga, mum and baby yoga, postnatal yoga, active birth and baby massage.  Price on arrangement. If you wish to arrange a pregnancy and postantal package to include pregnancy yoga, active birth, baby massage and mum and baby yoga please call for prices. 
Mum ​& Baby from 6 weeks
  • Get back in shape and have fun

  • Strengthen, tone and reduce tension

  • Provide a nurturing space for you and your baby to relax and bond together

  • Can support weight loss

  • Can help your baby sleep and feed better by stimulating immune and digestive system

  • Get baby tips and ideas for colic, feeding, sleep etc

  • Attend 6 weeks postnatal for NVD and 10 weeks for caesarean

  • Check for diastasis recti

  • Answer questions re early development especially with babies special needs

Baby Massage 
  • Helps relieve colic, constipation and wind

  • Eases teething discomfort and congestion

  • Speeds myelination of nervous system for better brain-body communication

  • Helps babies to release emotion and therefore helps relieve emotional stress

  • Massage soothes a baby and aids sleep patterns

  • It is a pleasurable experience for both parent and baby

  • It releases ‘oxytocin’ (also known as the ‘hormone of love’)

  • Massage helps babies practice handling input and responding to it with relaxation

  • Enables the release of pent-up tension

  • Touch relaxation techniques enable parents help their children relax in times of stress

  • Massage can help to speed development in premature babies

  • It can help babies to gain weight more easily

  • It can help babies build up their immunities

  • It stimulates language skills, as you talk and sing to your baby during massage

  • Massage helps with the development of motor skills and coordination

  • Aids bonding, builds trust and helps you read babies cues

  • Can aid recovery from postnatal depression