Founder of Bumpbirthbaby

Bump birth baby came about after the birth of my beautiful daughter Éabha. During my pregnancy, birth and recovery I realised not only the value of my yoga practice but the immense support I received through attending pregnancy, active birth and mum and baby yoga classes.  I began my peri-natal yoga teacher training when Éabha was just 3 weeks old and she has become my little yoga baby!! The birth of a baby is inspiring, challenging and like nothing else on earth. I feel privileged to have found the motherhood club twice now with the beautiful home birth of our son Fionn in February 2016.  I believe my occupational therapy training and masters in child health compliment my yoga practice and add to my skills working with children and families.

Dr Lisa Corrigan PhD


I was lucky to give birth to my daughter Éabha drug free with a speedy recovery using homeopathy for healing.  I wholeheartedly credit my capacity to cope with a long labour and birth to my weekly yoga practice.  Yoga breathing techniques and visualisations enabled me to overcome my fears about giving birth of which I was truly petrified!!  While yoga poses made my body strong and gave me stamina, the knowledge of other mums in my class and my yoga teacher empowered me to create the birth I wanted.  During the home birth of our son Fionn I relied on my yoga practice to support me to welcome him into the world.  Never before have I done more squats and lunges over the course of a few hours!!


About half way through my first pregnancy I decided I had finally found my calling and chose to train as a pregnancy yoga teacher.  I am an occupational therapist who worked in child psychiatry at the time and had a masters in child health so I had always worked with children and families.  This would merely be an extension of this.  My occupational therapy training gave me a good grounding in anatomy, physiology and how the body works.  While my masters in child health offered an opportunity to truly understand child development from the moment of conception. During my PhD I had the opportunity to truly explore the effectiveness of pregnancy yoga and design a programme based on what works. 


I commenced my pregnancy yoga training when Éabha was just 3 weeks old and it is one of the most inspiring, memorable things I have ever done.  I have a little yoga baby who came to every training weekend for almost 9 months never mind the 9 months yoga she partook in in utero.  During my pregnancy with Fionn I continued to teach my classes right up until my due date and this definitely kept me sane awaiting his arrival!  If you attend my sessions it will be a privilege to support you on your journey, a magical adventure of highs and lows that will put you through every emotion known to man. 


My work with children and families encouraged me to pursue training in kids and family yoga with RainbowKids Yoga. I am available to teach yoga to your kids or to the family unit as a way of bonding, connecting and sharing the fun!


In order to offer follow up support to mums and babies I have also trained as a baby massage instructor and having carried out baby massage with my own daughter cannot recommend it enough.  Its a beautiful way to connect with your baby and a very special way also for dads to get involved in the process.