Last Few Weeks of Pregnancy to do List

In 6 weeks before birth its important to slow down and do nice things for yourself to keep adrenalin levels low. Panicking about finishing work etc can maintain high adrenalin levels which may delay cervical softening/ripening. It may also delay onset of labour leading to potential induction etc.

Build emotional well-being:

  • Evening primrose oil thought to help soften the cervix

  • Raspberry leaf tea to tone uterine muscle

  • Practice relaxation and breath work

  • Use affirmations to build confidence

  • Visualise giving birth

  • Communicate with birth partner

  • Meditate

  • Walk

  • Swim

  • Attend a birth class

  • Write a birth plan

  • Start building list of support groups post baby - breastfeeding, mums group, yoga etc

  • Sitz bath - lavender oil for healing, cypress oil haemorrhoids

  • Get a massage to relax and distress

  • Acupuncture to help energy flow to uterus

  • Reflexology to ripen cervix

  • Homeopathy - ripen, deal with emotional stress and turn baby

  • Slow down

  • Do nice things

  • Eat well - stay hydrated

  • Build a birth toolkit and supplies

  • Start perineal massage - see perineal massage leaflet for details

  • Pack your hospital bag

  • Stock your freezer

  • Have a mother blessing

  • Hypnotherapy if really fearful and panicked

Hospital Bag:

  • Homeopathic labour kit

  • Coconut water

  • Energy bars

  • Lavender oil and tea towel

  • Scan pictures

  • Pregnancy diary

  • Birth ball

  • Good book

  • Eye mask/ear plugs

  • Ipad/Ipod DVDs/Music

  • 2 Light loose nightdresses or pyjamas (front opening if possible to facilitate skin-to-skin contact with your baby)

  • Light dressing gown Slippers/Flip flops (your feet might swell at end of pregnancy)

  • Disposable underwear/comfy underwear

  • Face cloth or water spray (eau thermale is really nice!)

  • lip balm

  • Socks

  • Towel, Toiletries, nipple cream, breast pads, sanitary towels, toothbrush, toothpaste and hairbrush

  • Shower cap (if you wish to have a shower)

  • Nursing bra

  • Something to tie up your hair

  • Camera

  • Mobile phone charger

  • Going home clothes

  • Change for the parking meter

What to pack for baby:

  • Long sleeved grows X 6

  • Vests X 6

  • Cardigan

  • Hat

  • Pre-washed baby towel

  • Pack of nappies (newborn size)

  • Cotton wool balls/pack of baby wipes

  • Baby bibs X 6

  • Muslin clothes X 6

  • Baby blanket X 2

  • Cot sheet X 2

  • Car seat (to be brought in on the day you are going home)

How to help yourself at home:

  • Try to stay as relaxed as possible- it is normal to be anxious.

  • Listen to relaxing music.

  • Take a walk with your birthing partner.

  • Take a warm bath or shower at regular intervals (baths are only allowed if the waters are not broken).

  • Ask your birthing partner to give you a back massage- this helps with the backache and relaxes you.

  • Eat small light meals and drink plenty.

  • Empty your bladder every 1-2 hours. (a full bladder can block baby’s descent)

  • Sleep – if the contractions are mild or stop, sleep or nap between contractions (being tired reduces a body’s ability to handle stress).

  • Breathing - keep your breathing deep, steady and slow during a contraction. Once the contraction is wearing off close your eyes and allow your body to rest before the next contraction.

  • Try to remain upright once the contractions become strong. Gravity will help your baby to be born. Being upright doesn’t have to mean standing- you may also try squatting, kneeling or leaning/sitting on a birthing ball. You may try rocking your pelvis gently, swaying your hips, walking up and down stairs.

  • It is safe to take a painkiller such as PLAIN Paracetamol (if you are not allergic). You can take two (500mgs) tablets every 4-6hrs. Do not take more than 8 tablets within a 24hour period. This helps with mild pains, allowing you to have some rest.

  • Use a birthing ball

  • Laugh - watch a funny movie

  • Remain in a quiet, dark, warm environment to release oxytocin, light candles, use essential oils

  • Consider using a homeopathic labour kit

  • Turn off mobile phones

  • Use eye mask/ear plugs to focus internally on your breath and to help you work through pain

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