"The only way to do great work is to love what you do"


"I would call Lisa my pregnancy guru. Not only that she was excellent as the prenatal yoga teacher, but she gave me so much guidance during the private sessions I had with her every week throughout my pregnancy. To me my private lessons were the very best investment especially since due to my unpredictable work hours I couldn't make it to her her group classes on a regular basis.  Lisa is a real professional but I can also call her a friend now. I had the most amazing pregnancy and natural birth and there is no doubt that my attitude and fitness level was mostly down to these classes and all the wealth of knowledge I received from Lisa. Now that I have a calm and healthy baby boy I will definitely attend Lisa's mother/baby yoga and parents/baby massage classes. I cannot recommend Lisa enough!

Thank you!"


"Lisa is the ultimate baby whisperer. I began yoga with her when I was only 12 weeks pregnant and found her to be supportive, enthusiastic and most of all mum and baby centred. Since then I have attended her baby massage and mum/baby yoga classes, and found them to be fun and relaxed along with a must for my calendar. I cannot recommend Lisa and bumpbirthbaby enough." Clodagh & Caelen


"Pregnancy yoga, baby massage or mum and baby yoga, Lisa provides all these courses and creates a lovely and relaxed practice atmosphere, which makes attending her classes really joyful.  She is always there to help with any questions you have and gives space for discussions with all the other mums (to be)! It was a huge help for me during my pregnancy, labour and when my little son was born. Couldn't have done it without her classes!"


"I loved the time my baby and I spent together during the baby massage class...that was really helpful in particular to understand how I could give him some relief from colic and bad wind...and how to relax him after the bath before going to sleep.The massage was a new way to communicate with him and to give him all my love and care.I probably loved even more the opportunity to share my experience with other mums and with Lisa, in a relaxed, informal and friendly environment. Some of the lessons were held on Saturday morning and also the dads were welcome..that was really nice: my husband was happy to feel involved and to spend some time just for the three of us, and to know other couples that were living our same experience ..it's been an experience I highly recommend."


"I attended pregnancy yoga and baby massage with Lisa.  Lisa helped each of us throughout pregnancy.  I had restless legs syndrome and Lisa went out of her way to seek advice to help. So when she mentioned she was doing the baby massage classes I jumped at the chance knowing it would be full of not just massage techniques to bond with my baby but also a rich flow of guidance and encouragement throughout the classes.  She created a safe space for us new mums (and dads) to discuss our baby's positives and help with any challenges us new (and not new) mums have. Truly amazing. Our class still meet up this is the connection Lisa created in her class.  I made new friends and found a great support group also.  I can definitely recommend Lisa's classes.  Super teacher! Thank you."


"I used all the breathing techniques, bouncing on the ball and various positions you taught us in class. All were brilliant and really helped. For each contraction I could hear you saying ' a contraction only lasts 60 seconds' which is true, its wave like pattern made the final seconds easier too.  Thanks so much for all your words of wisdom".


"Thanks for your classes, afterwards the midwife asked me if I had done hypnobirthing, which I never have, she was impressed with my focus on breathing through each surge.  That is due in no small part to yoga!".


"I think the yoga was invaluable plus the breathing techniques so thank you for all your hard work.  Hopefully I will see you for classes again!".


"Thank you for your advice and your classes they were so useful and relaxing for me.  Delighted it was normal delivery, we are both fine, she is very peacful and healthy".


 "Thanks for all the yoga lessons - the yoga and support from the class was excellent.  It really helped to prepare me physically and mentally for the pregnancy, birth and postnatal recovery.  You can let the class know that I now fully appreciate all the arm exercises as well!  The midwife said that my stomach/uterus/healing was way ahead today, so am sure the yoga really helped my core strength.